Solution Clues For Calculator Not Working In Windows 10:

Being the most updated OS (operation system), there has been some error in windows ten calculator known for long. There are also some complaints seen by the windows ten users about other default applications as well, like calendar, clock, text editor, etc. And if not, then the users go for a third party app installation to fulfill their requirement and get rid of these problems. But here are some successful methods that can help you to fix the windows ten calculator not working problem permanently, check it out:

Method 1: Get Your App Updated From Window Store

Tap the window key from your keyboard or just click the start button from the PC screen and you will get a store icon at the extreme low left on the menu. Click that icon, and it will redirect you to the window store.

Calculator Not Working In Windows 10
Calculator Not Working

Then you’ve to type ‘calculator’ in the search box you’re given, and it will show a list of application related to the calculator, then select ‘windows calculator’ from the list.

Then an ‘update’ button will appear, and you’ve to click that to get your app updated. And that will resolve your calculator not working problem completely.

Method 2: Create Your Account As A New User

May be the recent existing problem with your windows ten calculators is somehow related to your current existing account. So you must switch to your new user account by creating one, and that can help you to fix your problems permanently, as it’s noted in many previous cases. Hence here is some instruction, following which you can sign in a new user account easily:

Entering the search bar, you have to type ‘add the user’ and select edit, remove or add other users from the given list of related results. This can easily be done by navigating to settings, then accounts and then family and other users – at the final step.

1. After selecting family and other users option, click on the section named Add someone else to this PC. Then it will be displaying a setup page for the new user.

2. Select the option ‘this person I want to add doesn’t have the email addresses.’

3. Click on the section “Add a user without a Microsoft Account.” It will help you to create a new e-mail address.

4. Now it takes you to a screen that demands your local details that includes Username and Password.

5. After it’s created it’s time to switch to the new account and after that check, if your windows ten calculator is working well or not though the answer will be an affirmative one.

And after this successful fix up you can delete your previous account, but make sure you keep a back up of all important files and documents from it, before deleting. It’s also worth mentioning – the new account you’re using can be converted anytime to the Microsoft account so that you can get the access to the entire app you had previously.

Method 3:

In windows, 10 SFC (system file checker) and DISM (Deployment image and servicing management) are the two brilliant tools that resolve your machine’s problem much easily.

Running SFC command

    Press window key and X concurrently and select command prompt (admin)

    Click yes to continue as you’re prompt with UAC

    Type the command given below in the command prompt

Sfc /scan now and press enter.

    If you see the following message below, then you’re going perfectly.

Running DISM command

    Follow the first two step of SFC command

    Then enter the below given command in command prompt

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    Then click OK.

Your calculator is all right now.

So here you go! Well, you can also make it done by uninstalling the default app and resetting your window ten as well. By all these above mentioned ways you can overcome your calculator not working problem.