How To Stop Blue Screen PC Error Code CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT In Windows

When the processor cannot work properly, or there is any issue with hardware or the driver itself, then this error code CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT is shown on your PC. IT is also called the hardware Blue Screen OF Death (B S O D) error. When high definition games are being played on your PC, this type of CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error can also occur on your PC.

This occurs mainly due to-

  • Crashes and Freezes
  • Windows PC error issue
  • Problem in Hardware BSOD
  • Overlook error

If this kind of an error message is shown to you, then this is the right place to come to as this website is dedicated to you so that you can solve your problems without calling a technician.

Now let us see how to solve this error code CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT –

  1. By Using Registry Cleaner On Your PC-

We can fix this by fixing the registry cleaner using any software which cleans registry, and this will automatically solve the CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error shown on your windows 10 PC.

  1. By Running A Full Scan Of Your PC For Any Malware/Virus –
  • Go to start menu > Microsoft security essentials
  • Click on the MSE to open it
  • Click on “Full” option
  • Click “scan now” to start scanning
  • Wait for it to finish scan and close

By running a full scan of the PC, you can fix the CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error very easily.

  1. Execute Sfc/Scannow Command In Command Prompt –
  • Go to start> command prompt
  • A pop-up will open, type “sfc/scannow” and press enter
  • Wait for a few seconds and close the tab.

Thus running the sfc/scannow command will solve the CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT code problem.

  1. Uninstall/Disable Your Antivirus Software –
  • Go to start menu > control panel
  • Scroll down to see “programs and features” option there

  • Click on that and go to antivirus
  • Right click and click “Uninstall.”
  • Wait for a few seconds while it gets uninstalled, close the tab.

This windows 8 error of CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT can also be solved in this way by disabling your antivirus.

  1. Update Windows Drivers (If There Are Any) On The PC –
  • Go to start menu > control panel
  • Scroll down to reach “windows update.”
  • Check if there are any New Updates available.
  • If available, update it or set it as update automatically
  • To do so, click “change settings.”
  • Go to drop down menu and choose “install updates automatically” click on OK and Save.


  • Go to start menu> control panel > Device manager
  • Open it to check whether any of the driver there has error sign
  • If there are, right click on it
  • Select “update driver software” option you see there
  • Wait a few minutes to update and close the tab.

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2 Simple Methods To Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024402f Code

You can update your driver using any of these two methods for your very own windows 10 PC and solve the CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error yourself.

  1. Try To Run System Restore And Create Restore Point On The PC –
  • Go to start menu> system restore
  • Tick on “recommended settings” option or “select a restore point” present there
  • Follow the wizard now, close the tab after successful completion


  • Go to start menu> “system properties.”
  • Go to the “system restore” you see there and click on it
  • Create a restore point present there and close the tab after successful completion.

If you run a system restore and create a new restore point using any of the two methods shown here you can solve this error Stop code CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT yourself.

Thus here were some of the tricks and tips we gave you to solve the stop code CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT yourself without calling any technician to help with your windows 10 PC.

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