How to Make your Google Play Services Work Without Expert Supervision?

Have you ever come across the notification that says “unfortunately the Google play services have stopped” on your mobile device? It is a usual error message that you might have got some way or the other while browsing your Android Smartphone for games. If you want to know more about this problem and solve it from the roots, read the article to find out the best effective solutions.

This sort of an error message can come to your Smartphone for various reasons and one of them might be because of some virus, or your Smartphone is not compatible with the latest type of software Google uses.

It is often seen that this sort of error messages victimize the android phone users majorly. It is found among the Android Smartphone users who use Google on their Smartphone as an operating system. This error message regularly comes as the Google services keep on updating and releasing latest versions of their software.

You Might See An Error Message As:

“Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped”

What Causes The Error Message To Pop Up?

  • Google play services uninstall.
  • Google play services have stopped unexpectedly.

A complete guide to deal with the problem of this error message that says, unfortunately, Google play services has stopped working on your mobile device is explained below that you can go through and learn about the problem to fix it permanently.

How Can You Fix This Error Message Problem?

Some of the steps are mentioned below that you can follow to get rid of the error code problem such as Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped in your smart devices.

  1. You Can Go For The Reset App Preferences On Your Mobile Devices

To Do This, You Need To Follow The Steps On Your Smartphone As Mentioned Below:

  • Switch on your phone’s display.
  • Go to the settings folder.
  • Click on the “more button” or “more option.”
  • There you will find “reset app preference” option.
  • Click on the reset apps option, and you are ready to go.

This way you can stop those error code messages from popping on your Smartphone now and then. This change in the settings will reset your apps and stop the malfunctioning of the messages from coming.

This Setting Will Reset Your Preferences For All Types Of Functioning Such As:

  • Disabled app notification.
  • For disabled apps.
  • Default applications for actions.
  • Background data prohibition for apps.
  • Any permission prohibitions.


If also you opt for this type of change in your mobile settings, you surely will not lose any app data stored in your device.

  1. You Can Change Your Date And Time Settings On Your Smartphone

To Follow This Procedure, You Need To Read The Below-Mentioned Instructions:

  • First of all, go to your mobile’s settings.
  • Then go to the folder of date and time settings.
  • Then click on the option settings to open it.
  • Here, you need to click on the off button of automatic date and time option to cancel it.
  • And choose the manual settings and set the date and time.
  • You are done!


After you follow this procedure, you need to go back and continue using your device normally and check if the error message still pops or has stopped from occurring.

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  1. Upgrade Or Uninstall Your Google Play Store Updates

If You Want To Opt For This Procedure, You Can Follow The Instructions One By One To Change The Settings Easily:

  • You need to go to the main menu and click on settings.
  • Here, go to the section called “installed apps” or “applications.”
  • Go to this section and search for “Google play store” and open it.
  • Here, click on the option that shows “uninstall updates.”
  • That’s it.

Go back to the main menu and continue normal functioning and check if the error code still occurs or not.

These are some of the best effective and easy techniques that you can follow to stop the error code problem from regularly occuring on your Smartphone devices.

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