Easy Tips To Get Rid Of The “Pokémon Go GPS Signal Not Found” Error Message

It is often seen that the Pokemon Go cannot access the GPS location and displays an error message like “Couldn’t find GPS signal for Pokémon Go” in the android and iOs devices. Some of the easy methods and tricks are listed below with the help of which you can surely find an effective GPS connection for your mobile device.

This kind of an error message is a normal error code that is generated when the GPS location is not found while playing Pokémon Go game on both the Android and iOs Smartphones. The Pokémon go gamers tend to face this problem every time they start playing this game on their respective Smartphones.

The Pokémon Go game has been getting a huge response and massive downloads from the users worldwide since its launch. The error code that says “GPS location for Pokémon Go not found” is shown in your Android as well as iOs Smartphones while playing the Pokémon Go game because your Smartphone device could not locate any GPS signals.

Now after the heavy demand of the users, the Pokémon Go gaming company has released the game for both the iOs and Android devices. The GPS location not found error message on your IPad is showcased when your phone has lost its GPS signals or that will certainly put your gaming process to a halt.

pokemon go gps issue
Pokémon Go

It becomes tough sometimes when you look for the GPS signals, but you could not get any to play your Pokémon Go game on your device. In the current times, the Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games and highly in demand. It is a location-based AR game which means that your location will have to get linked to access the game.

What Causes The “Pokémon Go Signal Not Found Error Message” Pop Up?

  • GPS error on the Android or iPhone device.
  • Error problem in the Game.
  • Problem in the Google play store.

Some of the quick tips and tricks that can help you solve the problem of GPS signals on your android and iOs Smartphones permanently are listed below, and at the same time these guidelines can shift the GPS drift right away and increase the accuracy of your GPS device.

Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Error Code “GPS Signal Not Found For Pokémon Go”

1. Take the permissions of the gaming GPS location

  • Go to your device’s home screen and click on settings option.
  • Go to the application manager option and search for Pokémon Go and click on it.
  • Click on the permissions bar and enable the location service if it is off.
  • It’s done.

2. Deactivating the Mock Location option from developer

  • Go to your device’s settings folder.
  • Click on the option About Phone.
  • Click seven times on the build number option, and after that, a message appears. You are a developer now.
  • Go the settings menu and click on the developer bar.
  • Now disable the mock locations by clicking on the option, and you are done!

3. Turning the location and High Accuracy option ON!

  • Go to the settings option on your Smartphone.
  • Search for the location option and turn it ON.
  • Then set the mode of High Accuracy ON as well.
  • Go back to the main menu, and you are good to go!

4. Download the APK file and install it from a third party site

  • Go to settings menu and click on the security bar.
  • Go to the applications option and turn ON the unknown source option.
  • Now, you can download an APK file from a third-party website.
  • Install the file on your device and then download the GPS essentials to enhance your GPS strength.
  • You are done!

5. Rebooting the Smartphone helps!

  • By resetting the android or IOS Smartphone can get your phone’s GPS location on track permanently.

6. Install the latest version of the game

  • By installing the latest version of the game can help you solve the problem of the error message of GPS signal not found.

7. Try resetting the phone network settings

  • Go to the settings menu and click on the general option.
  • Now, click on “reset the network settings” and you are done!

These are some of the best tips and tricks that work effectively in bringing back the lost GPS signal on track for you to play the Pokémon go game on your Smartphone. Incorporate these easy tricks whenever you need help in locating the GPS signals on your phone.