Asus Smart Gesture Code Incapable Of Working Due To Malfunction In Pc Error Code

The news has been quite doing the rounds that Asus users are facing a problem which is the smart gesture malfunctioning. All of this arises from the annual update of Windows. The smart gesture is a feature that lets a person control the screen without any physical usage of the mouse or mouse pad. This smart gesture doesn’t work when used with incompatible OS, and the installation driver which is the Asus OEM if used on a PC or laptop.

Some notes to be taken

  • ATK driver is to be installed first and then the touchpad driver, which is suggested by the Asus smart gesture. The ATK driver is to be qdownloaded and reinstalled.
  • In some Asus models, the multi touch feature shows a constant problem with the system. The latest version which is 2.2.8 is to be used and can also be used for other models irrespective of the manufacturing year.

Common errors which are displayed

  • Here the common messages displayed are “the file is already downloaded do you want to replace it with another file?” firstly the file needs to be deleted and then again a newer version needs to be reinstalled.
  • The installer shows a message that “source file couldn’t be found” and a setup message which can be accessed by any means where the zip file has to be extracted. And the setup has to be run accordingly.

Fixing The Common Problems

There are certain common problems which are only associated with Asus and not with other pc or laptop devices. This is because the driver of the touchpad is incompatible with the current working OS and hence does not fit in with the requirements. The easiest way out is to update any Asus related software via the driver and load them on to the machine which in turn scans and cleans all of the old files and replaces them with fresh ones which act as a safeguard and latest updates. On downloading the utility driver, the touchpad gets updated, and all of the features which were stacked also get updated from time to time. The internet connection must be in working condition to obtain all updates properly and be in sync with the system. This takes less time and fixes every issue related to it.

Scanning The Pc Properly 

On launching the driver talent, for the ASUS touchpad, clicking on scan helps to clear out any incompatibility issues.

Downloading The Necessary Drivers For The Asus Touchpad

The Asus touchpad, if it is outdated, cause a lot of problems. Generally when the driver crashes and never uninstalls when it is done, hence a new driver needs to be installed. The new driver, when installed automatically, chooses itself from the one which is most compatible and hence doesn’t cause any error whatsoever. However, the previously malfunctioning update button will now work and will properly download the needed and required databases for running the touchpad.

System Rebooting 

A system reboot might work if the touchpad doesn’t respond to any of the gestures. The reboot freshens up the cache memory and helps in removing any unwanted files which were in operation previously. The driver talent is equipped with a wide range of features like driver uninstallation, driver’s restoration, VR support and other varieties to name from them and few.

Manually downloading the software from Asus website

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If there is the likelihood that the present software is not at all compatible, then the newest version can be downloaded directly from the website. This guarantees latest software updates and all. The present version at first needs is uninstalling. To do that, these procedures need to be done first:-

  • Go to control panel and then opening the specific program related to it
  • Clicking on the program and uninstalling the whole lot
  • Once the procedure is done finish the whole thing

After doing this procedure download the given link, then run the program accordingly which is either 64 bit or 32bit. All of it is set and now will function properly.

Restarting the computer

Restarting the computer according to the latest updates also makes the software updated and removes any dysfunctional cache associated with it.

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